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Wild Turkey Friday

No, I’m not planning to drink whiskey!

We have a flock of wild turkeys in these here parts, and they go trundling past the fence every so often. They are huge! Did you know that Ben Franklin suggested the turkey as the national bird? He thought them far worthier of the honor than the eagle.

Sadie has swimming today, and she’s snoring away in preparation. Must be building up her strength. :)

I heard a remark on TV this morning that I liked so much I want to pass it on here: “For 230-plus years, everybody who bet against America lost

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Fog Blog

Beyond the backyard fence this morning, there is nothing but a solid white wall with a few vague tree-shapes etched in. It’s delightfully spooky–and it makes me glad, once again, that I don’t have to commute. :)

I started “At Home in Stone Creek” yesterday, in earnest. This is Ashley O’Ballivan’s story–she’s the younger sister of Brad (“The McKettrick Way”) and Olivia (“A Stone Creek Christmas”) and it will be published this winter as a Silhouette Special Edition.

As I write this, Sadie is sleeping off yesterday’s exercise session. She is doing so well, and I’m learning to cope with her

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.