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Today’s the Day, On My Way!

I’ll be heading for the airport in a little while–it’s off to L.A. to do my satellite media tour and then spend a glorious week (almost) visiting with my daughter. I’m taking my MacAir laptop along, because it’s so light, but until I can visit the Geniuses at an Apple Store, those weird little symbols will be turning up in the blog. I know, I know–I hate them, too.

Sadie and Bernice and all the other critters will be well taken care of during my absence, as always. Cousin Mary Ann and her husband, the Canadian Wrangler, will be looking

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Free Day? Right!

The best laid plans. Sadie-beagle woke up yesterday with a case of what we call “scooty-butt” around here, and it was off to her regular veterinarian. Anything further would constitute more information than you probably need :), so suffice it to say, she’s on antibiotics. She hates pills, so it’s a circus twice a day–I put it in her mouth, she spits it out (two or three times) and eventually swallows. She has a swimming lesson today, and her initial workup with the accupuncture doctor. I’m eager to hear the results of the assessment, and have already arranged for the

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.