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Sadie’s Day Out

Sadie-beagle is starting her exercise program today–water aerobics! She’s gotten a little porky over the past several years, as many of you know–and ‘a little’ is putting it mildly. She’s a sociable little critter, though, and enjoys getting into the truck and going somewhere. (She’s not terribly particular about where. ) We’ve cut way back on the Beggin’ Strips, her unqualified favorite, and No More People Food. Now that she knows she’s not going to get any of MY supper, she’s actually eating–ta-da!–dog food!

It’s foggy this morning–the draw is enveloped in white mist–but thanks to a very welcome

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The Thaw Continues

It’s sunny out, and the snow is melting away. Most of the roads are clear. Hallelujah!

My stepmother tells me there is a nice ad in the February/March issue of “American Cowboy” for the Creed books! Now that’s exciting–I’m picking up a copy today!

I’m hitting the road for a two-week tour starting the 27th of January–I’ll be in Denver, Cheyenne, Billings, Colorado Springs and San Antonio. I am really beginning to look forward to that, now that it’s getting close. I’ve never been to Cheyenne or Billings, and I love checking out new places–especially Cowboy Towns. :)

Obviously, I’m feeling

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.