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Sacred Contracts

I have sacred contracts with all my animals, dogs, cats and horses. Once an animal becomes a part of this family, they STAY a part of it, come what may.

Years ago, when I bought my horse, Buck, I knew he was already pretty old, and he’d had a hard life, as a working ranch horse. There were many signs that he’d been abused, and when he came to live with me, I promised him he could be a pet from then on. He was officially retired, and entitled, to my way of thinking, to live the high life. Since

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At Last!

I am writing this blog in my new office, at my new desk. And now that the cat has moved out of my way, I can actually see the monitor! :)

The room is painted in lovely shades of green, and the floor is a nice, subtly patterned vinyl. Easy to clean up, but not so slippery that Sadie will hurt herself. She’s quite the portly beagle these days. It will be a while before everything is in its place, but I am just so happy and grateful to be able to write here, and not on my laptop at the

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.