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I have been so stressed out lately. I need to get over it, already! Right now, my goal is to write a coherent blog. :)

On Tuesday, I will have been a nonsmoker for three full weeks. I haven’t exactly suffered the kind of withdrawals I feared, and thank heaven I don’t feel the need to pig out, so I haven’t gained any weight, either. Still, I’m wound pretty tightly. Feeling overwhelmed, etc. I’ll feel better soon–I keep telling myself that. :)

One thing is for sure. I won’t be going back to the habit. I like breathing more easily, and I’m

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Brief Flurries of Sunshine

The morning was sunny–thank heaven. The clouds are rolling back in, though. I keep telling myself we need the water, but the constant gray skies get me down.

Buck is still hanging in there–up and around, and eating well. All your prayers are helping for sure! Bernice, the Yorkie, sprouted an abcessed tooth and is spending the day at our veterinarian’s office. I’ll sure be glad to go and pick her up this afternoon, poor baby. Sadie is at loose ends, wondering where her sidekick is.

I apologize for the gaps in the blog–just life happening while I’m making other

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.