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Good Morning!

At least, it’s still morning here in Spokane–I realize a lot of you are about ready to sit down to lunch. :)

It’s a sunny day, and after several weeks of almost continual rain, I’m glad and grateful. I plan to take a brisk walk around my pasture after I finish here, and just enjoy breathing. As you reformed smokers and non-smokers will know, breathing clean, delicious AIR is a true pleasure. It lifts my spirits and my energy level, and certainly reminds me why I quit, and why I want to STAY quit.

I’m told it snowed in Toronto after

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Buck is Still Kickin’!

I just got home from Toronto, and as we drove in, I was thrilled to see Buck out there in the pasture with all the other horses, happily munching hay. Still, there’s no room for denial here–he’s old–at least 26–and in a tearful visit before I left for Canada on Monday morning, I told him not to stay here on my account if he needs to go. The vet says he’s shutting down, and so does my friend, Karen, who is an experienced animal communicator. So I’m doing my very best not to Hold On, the way we do when

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.