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Who Would You Be…

Without your story?  (By story, I mean the things you’ve always told yourself, ABOUT yourself.  For instance, “I’m fat”, “I’m smart”, “I’m this, that, or the other thing…”)

This is a question I’m asking myself today.  It was prompted partly by my journal, and partly by a random newsletter received by email.  (Divine intervention?) “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?” is, I believe, the title of a book by a very wise woman named Byron Katie.
We creative types are especially good at telling ourselves stories.  I’m a past-master at it, because I’ve been spinning yarns, on paper and
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Horses and Radio Interviews

That’s how my day started today. Before dawn, I was up and around, writing in my journals, dressed in yesterday’s Wranglers and wearing barn boots. I’d put the horses in early yesterday, since it looked like rain, so I knew they’d be hungry. I started out there once, in the dark, and thought, “This is ridiculous. They’re still asleep!” and went back, much to the joy of Sadie and Bernice, who probably thought I’d gone on another road tour. (If Bernice, the Yorkie, had her way, I’d be a hermit. Sadie-beagle is a little more philosophical.)

As soon as there

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.