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Walking in My World

One of the benefits of my new walking regime–yesterday, I did TWO stints of three laps around the pasture–is the ideas it prompts. I don’t take my iPod along, just a water bottle and an open mind. I want to be present, in my body, during these walks, and not off somewhere in the Civil War or the Revolution. :) On the first lap, I noticed my beautiful Japanese maple trees–their leaves are turning, and they are the most beautiful rusty crimson. I got to thinking, as I walked, about pressing some, and using them on ATCs. (I relate a LOT

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The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Yes, I’m still losing weight–very slowly. Perhaps a pound every few weeks. I’m actually happy with my current weight, but need to firm up (hence the laps around the pasture) and since I plan to quit smoking soon, I want a little “wiggle room” in case of added pounds. :)

The title of this blog, however, is a reference to the fun I continue to have with shrink plastic. Currently, I’m transferring photographs onto the stuff, shrinking them, and making ATC series (es?). It took a while to master this–you have to lighten the photograph first, and if you want to

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.