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On My Way

I’m off on my Rustler Tour today–first stop, Portland, Oregon.

Since I’m running around doing last minute stuff, I will keep this short.

The sun is just peeking over the eastern hills as I write this, and Bernice, the Yorkie, who always seems to know when I’m going somewhere, has been sticking to me like gum on a shoe. If she had her way, I’d be a hermit! :) Knowing all the critters will be taken care of by the ‘ranch hands’, Jenni, Larry and Mary Ann, I can concentrate on business (and fun) without worrying.

I still have to get

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It’s a Wrap

Today, and it seems like a wholesale miracle, I will finish “The Bridegroom”. I’m of two minds about this, as I explained yesterday. Naturally, I get very deeply involved in my books, and my characters are Real People to me. So while I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment, I’m also a little blue.

I leave on my Rustler tour tomorrow, and that is REALLY going to be fun. I love meeting my readers, doing interviews, traveling from one city to another. (There’s a bit of the gypsy in me.) At least, I love it For A While–when it’s time

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.