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The Older I Get…

The more ways I am like my parents.

Fortunately, since I was derned lucky in the parent department, this is mostly good.

My sense of humor and love of books and the written word in general come from my mother. (So, alas, does my tendency to have little piles of paper everywhere, let the mail stack up, etc.)

My love of horses and all things western is my dad’s legacy. I’ve got his persistence, but also his stubborn streak. And lately I’ve noticed a few other connections–he loved to work with wood and build things, and his workshop was his

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Headed Back to the Ranch

It will be good to get home and doubly good to see the dogs and cats. I’ve missed my four-legged housemates something fierce. (Missed the horses, too, of course, but it will be dark when I arrive, so the equine reunion will have to wait until morning.)

I do love San Francisco. I travel a lot, and I’ve been everywhere, man, as the song goes, but the City by the Bay is definitely special. I love the downtown area, anyway–don’t know all that much about the outlying areas. Chinatown is a five minute walk from here, and there’s a very

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”