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Life is What Happens…

When you’ve made other plans!

Yesterday I miraculously managed to write almost an entire chapter–this with an emergency trip to Wal-Mart, overnight company, and 25 guests for dinner!–and today looked easy by comparison. No appointments. Just my book and me, right?

Wrong. At five-thirty this morning, minutes after my guests had left for the airport, a smoke alarm in one of the guest rooms started beeping. I’m a tough ole cowgirl, and I can stand a lot of things–but a beeping smoke alarm isn’t on the list. Bernice, my Yorkie, has even less tolerance; the frequency hurts her little ears.

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What If…?

That’s a question that sometimes keeps me up at night and, believe me, I can ill afford the loss of sleep, with all that’s going on in my life this summer. Stress, stress and more stress! And the curious, truly peculiar thing is, none of it is bad!

Deadlines. (This is the best book I’ve written so far.)
Company. (I love every one of these people dearly.)
Trips. (I’m not so wild about airports, airlines and stripping down to go through security, but I LOVE a change of scene.)
And Murphy’s Law in full swing!

(Okay, that last one might

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.