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Tomorrow, I’ll be joining some of my Montana cousins for a reunion at a lake near Spokane. I’m excited–I haven’t seen some of these people in YEARS. Time just gets away from me, and it happens more and more, the older I get.

Another cousin, Tracei, is having a kidney transplant today, thanks to an anonymous donor. Isn’t it wonderful to know there are people out there who will do something like that for a total stranger? I’m asking for your prayers for Tracei, for the mystery donor, and for Tracei’s husband, Jack, and young daughter, Sydney, and of course

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That’s another of my mom’s words. (She has her own language, Hazelese.)

As you can see, I’m late getting this blog up. I slept in–and then journaled and painted for an hour or so to get going.

The book, TYLER, is going very well. Writing it is a rugged experience, though, because in addition to a very strong romance, there are some pretty meaty issues to be resolved. Since the writer goes through everything the characters do, I feel wrung out by the time I write that last page of the day–emotionally and physically, at least.

The sun is out,

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.