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Blogger Was Updated!

That’s why I had so much trouble getting my blogs up. Hopefully, we’re back in the swing now. :)

Here’s what’s going on in Linda-land on this rainy Wednesday morning:

I FINISHED the third book in the Creed Trilogy, TYLER, yesterday! Today, I’m waiting for any revisions my lovely editor, Joan Marlow Golan, (aka, The Queen of Hearts) may have in mind. And I’m painting. And throwing glitter on things. (So far, Sadie and Bernice have evaded me admirably.) Gluing and scribbling ideas in my sketchbook.

I have two packages to pick up at the post office. Probably, art supplies.


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It’s Monday–isn’t it?

(Note: I wrote this blog early this morning, but I’m having trouble getting it to post to the website. Who knows what time it will show up?)

I was one busy cowgirl this weekend. Two chapters written and glitter everywhere!

For those of you tuning in after an absence, that must be a really confusing statement. :)

As most of you know, I’m finishing up TYLER, the third book in my Montana Creeds series, and even though I’m tired, I’m exhilerated, too. There’s nothing like spending time with the Creeds (or the McKettricks, or the Yarbros, or the O’Ballivans!) to liven

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.