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Writing and Visual Arts

Yes, Virginia, there is a connection.

There are those who wonder why I mess around with glue and paper at all, when I can command significant money for spending the same amount of time writing. A logical question, I suppose, but painfully obvious to the terminally creative. :) Visual art stokes up the old idea machine in ways that often surprise me. I have come to believe, even a short distance into this particular journey, that my collage and polymer clay work ARE, in some difficult to define way, integral parts of the writing process.

I wax philosophical today because I’m

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A Gloriously Messy Weekend

Glue everywhere. Bits of colorful paper. Inkjet transparencies. Oh, I was in my ATC making element this weekend, all right. I don’t get a cut from any of these people, but in case you’re interested in my favorite suppliers for artistic reasons of your own, here they are:



www.silvercrowcreations.com (these people have really unique things–nichos and shrines, etc., and some great rubber stamps.)


I’m so excited, because I’m finishing “Dylan” this week, and off to London on Saturday. Sally and I will be taking the chunnel over to Paris, too. I’m making an art journal to commemorate

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.