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It’s All Good

It seems my mind has finally crossed all those time zones to catch up with my body. :) Whoop-de-do, I’m back in the saddle again. All systems GO!

My good feeling about weighing in last night was right on–I lost 1.6 pounds, after two international flights, fish and chips in London, and whatever it was I ate in Paris. I was thrilled–even maintaining would have been great. Weight Watchers has two plans–Core, which means eating from a list of certain foods, not as restrictive as it sounds, and Flex, in which you get a certain number of points per day, based

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Cleo and Me

Ok, I have jet lag, and what else could I do but go to the casino? You sit and drink coffee, mindlessly pushing a button, and watching the wheels spin. Imagine my surprise when the Queen of the Nile came through with a jackpot during the bonus round. :)

Actually, I wasn’t that surprised. I win a lot of jackpots. I’m just a lucky ole cowgirl, I guess.

We have sunshine this morning, and the horses are out in the pasture, nibbling spring grass and happy as horses can be. They’re all muddy–if you saw them, you’d wonder why I don’t

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.