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Today, the draw is bathed in sunlight, and the needles of the big pines are glimmering with traces of gold. I’m seeing more deer, and more birds. Perhaps the moose will stop by one day soon. When I was very young, there wasn’t a moose this side of the Canadian border–now, there is a herd of some forty of them, ranging over a wide grazing area, literally in my back yard. And the bald eagle is back, too–there are two that visit the big pine tree in front of my lake house. Once, they were nearly extinct. Now, they are

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Princes vs Cowboys

I always fall in love with my heroes–Sam O’Ballivan will forever have a very special place in my heart. But I’ve got to admit, I’m head over heels for Dylan Creed. Logan, his brother, the hero of book one in the Montana Creed/McKettrick Kin series, is WAY hot. But Dylan? He’s got that bad-boy thing going–be still my beating heart.

Of course he’s not REALLY bad. :) He’s baaaaad in the GOOD sense of the word.

Yum. Conjuring up these guys is some kind of a job. I’m glad it’s mine. :)

And guess what? There are more McKettricks coming–the TEXAS

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The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.