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April 18

This is my future son-in-law Jeremy’s birthday. Happiest of happies, sweetheart.

It is also the anniversary, as legend has it anyway, of Paul Revere’s famous ride. “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

I think somebody ought to warn Britain, this time. My sister Sally and I are headed in their direction, to spend a week celebrating a milestone birthday–hers. Shouldn’t someone ride through the streets, carrying a lantern and shouting, “Sally and Linda are coming! Sally and Linda are coming!”???

Absolutely. Harrod’s should definitely be warned.

Sally tells me she plans to eat fish and chips every single

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More Ramblings

Another sunny day! It’s a GIFT. Believe me, over this long winter, I have developed a new appreciation for sunshine. :)

What a wonderful writing day I had yesterday. Although it is emotionally rugged sometimes, going through everything my characters go through, right beside them, it is also tremendously rewarding. And I’ve noticed that my characters tend to reflect issues I’m dealing with, in some way. (Duh.) For instance, in the Montana Creeds/McKettrick Kin series, the underlying theme is claiming one’s true identity and then stubbornly refusing to be anyone else. Establishing a legacy, not just materially, but psychologically, too.


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The Pony Express carried almost 35,000 pieces of mail over more than 650,000 miles during those nineteen months and lost only one mail sack.