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Bernice and Me

Today’s blog must necessarily be short, as I’m leaving in about fifteen minutes to take Bernice, my spunky little Yorkie, to the veterinarian for some (hopefully) minor surgery. She has a wart on one leg, and what we believe is a benign tumor under one “arm”. She’s not going to like this one bit, and might even end up as a cone-head, the way Sadie did. :) We’d both appreciate a little prayer or a flash of white light.

My cats have been leaving me presents–and not the kind you’re probably imagining. :) It seems that, while I’m sleeping, they raid the

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What A Day It WAS

Ah, yesterday. One of those days.

I got off to a slow start anyway–I’m in a mulling phase–and I had just opened the window to write this blog when I heard my friend and long time employee, Debbie, call out from a room at the other end of a long hall. “Linda! I need help.” Well, she’s got back problems and is under strict orders not to lift or anythng. I thought she wanted me to get something down off a shelf or help her move a box. Well, when I stepped into that room, there she was, lying on

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The typical Pony Express rider was nineteen years old and made $100-$150 per month plus room and board.