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Kitchen Table Blog

It’s one of those days again. Vicki got in around eight pm, and we came back to the house and talked and talked and talked. There was a lot of catching up to do, obviously. Now, we’re drinking coffee at the kitchen table and I’m writing this blog. Oh, the wonders of wireless technology.

If you could see this table. An art book. The current manuscript. A cake tote from yesterday’s birthdays. Sadie is snoring behind me in Bernice’s bed, and Bernice is snoozing in Sadie’s. Contrary creatures. Is it because they’re female? :)

We’ll be going to check out the

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Mary Ann’s Birthday

I often mention Mary Ann on this blog, and some of you probably wonder who the heck she is. :) So I’ll tell you. She’s my first cousin–we were raised together, literally in the same cradle or crib. (When we were two, we used to get into fist fights.) She also works for me as housekeeper/troubleshooter/right-hand woman, and her husband Larry is the guy I often refer to as the Canadian wrangler.

Anyhow, Mary Ann is six months younger than I am, so for half the year, she makes sure to rub that in. June to January, I’m officially a year

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.