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It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping…

And I’ve got some corn for popping. :)

The snow is still coming down, obviously. A coyote just passed the fence–there he went again! (We interrupt this blog to make a flying trip downstairs and make sure all the dogs are inside.) I’m back–all dogs and cats present and accounted for. The fence is 8 feet high, and built at the top of a fairly steep hillside, but Brother Coyote must never be underestimated. He’s a crafty devil. I love all animals, but I have the rancher’s aversion to wolves and coyotes.

According to the news reports, the snow will keep

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And Still It SNOWS

Today, I’m in the middle of a big snow globe, and Somebody shook it! :) Billions of tiny flakes, each one different! Beyond incredible.

Writing to do today, and then crafting. I’m into resin jewelry right now–learning to put pictures into pendants. My favorite is the one of Dad and me, on his horse Peanuts, taken around 1951. The famous Christmas saddle is in that picture, too.

Isn’t it a marvel, what you can do with pictures today, what with digital cameras and scanning machines? WOW. (I do a lot of Lincoln stuff, because of the research, and my family is

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.