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Today is my mother’s birthday–I won’t tell how old she is, as she’s still pretty strong. :) My brother, Jerry, is celebrating today, too. He’s a couple of years younger than I am, so I’m not telling his age, either. Yes, their birthdays are on the same day–and here’s the kicker: Dad and I shared June 10 as well. Sisters Sally and Pam, May 21 and January 18 respectively, have birthdays-at-large. Sally was supposed to be visiting now, but the weather is too dicey. Wish you could have made it, Sis.

The snow is still deep, but the horses don’t seem

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It’s still dark out as I write this–I see lights glimmering on the other side of the valley, but the snow-laden trees are still invisible. In daylight, the landscape is calendar-beautiful.

Maybe it’s the weather–lots of snow on the ground and more predicted for tomorrow–that has me thinking of spring. And of seeds and cycles. A time to sow, and a time to reap. One of the best things about being back in the northwest is the changing of the seasons; it reminds me that we mortals have cycles, too. Seasons of growth, seasons of waiting and working quietly and

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Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.