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Still MORE snow

I guess the charm of all this snow could wear off–sometime. :)

For now, it seems magical, maybe because I’m one of those lucky people who don’t commute by automobile. Just a hike to the barn, that’s all I need to worry about at present.

I was keying in some changes to my October paperback romance, “The Rustler”, this morning, and the fuel guy had the unmitigated gall–at least in Sadie’s opinion it was gall–to pull in and refill the tank. She barked and barked, in her snug bed in front of the living room fireplace, alerting the entire household to

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The Badge, the Goat, and the Coffee Cup

My good friend, Debbie Macomber, gave me a terrific gift this year–a U.S. Marshal’s badge. (My dad was a town marshal–very different from the U.S. variety) I thought it was a very good replica, but I should have known better. When I emailed Deb to thank her for this thoughtful present, an acknowledgement of how much I love and miss my dad, she replied that it was authentic.

Daughter Wendy and her fiance, Jeremy, donated a goat in my name. I love gifts like that–I really DO have mostly everything, and it’s nice to know someone in need got something

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.