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My Kind of New Year’s Eve

The quiet kind!

Tonight, I’ll be dressed for a party–in pajamas. Guests include my dogs and cats. Refreshments: one cup of eggnog.

For me, New Year’s is a reflective time. I like to think about goals for the coming year, and consider all the blessings and challenges of the one just past.

2007 was the year I became one of those people who say, “When Dad died…” Frankly, I’m still getting used to a world with no Skip Lael in it–never going to happen, probably. Dad was 81, though, and he’d lived his life to the fullest. His death was

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I don’t normally blog on Sundays, as most of you know. Today, though, I received an email from a reader named Shirley. She’s thirty, and her husband, Jim, is dying of brain cancer. I was struck to the heart by her bravery–she said she likes to read my blog because it reminds her that life goes on, and the joy lies in ordinary blessings. What courage!

This blog is for you, Shirley, and your Jim. You inspire me, and I wanted to share that inspiration with the rest of our group.

We’re walking with you, sweetheart. Every last one of

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.