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The Vigil Keepers

It’s almost trite, because it’s been true so long. Freedom isn’t free. People have paid for it, for over two centuries now, with life and limb, heart and blood, hopes and dreams. The things we enjoy every day of our lives, folks, have been bought for us, by the brave ones.

The soldiers. While we’re going about our normal, day to day lives, they’re out there making sure we’re safe.

During the Viet Nam conflict, there were factions in this country who blamed the GIs. They called them names, spit on them, burned flags in ‘protest’. The incredible cowardice and

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Moose Visit

Yesterday, while I was writing away, word reached me that there was a moose in the front yard. I’ve seen several, since moving here, but it’s a sight I never get tired of. I dashed down to look, and there was Bullwinkle, just across the driveway, nibbling at my red willow tree. Mooses, it seems, love red willow.

The horses were on high alert, heads high, ears forward. Only Banjo, the young colt, was fearless enough to venture forward to get a better look, and he soon changed his mind about making friends with the new kid on the block.

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.