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That Train Keeps A-Rollin’

Have I ever mentioned that I live close to the railroad tracks? Well, not THAT close. But I hear the train going by at all hours of the day and night, and now that I’m used to it, I find it a comforting sound. When that lonesome whistle blows, distant and plaintive in the dark, I always think of a certain old friend, gone now. It’s like a “Hello”.

I’ve reached that place in my life where the “good-byes” are happening more frequently–and I sure miss my dad. If he were here, he’d say, “Don’t be a sad-sack, Lindy.” He

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Sunshine and Collage

We’re enjoying beautiful, sunny weather in Spokane today. It’s cold, but so clear and crisp outside! This is why I love eastern Washington state–we get our share of overcast weather, to be sure, but mostly, the sun shines. As I always say, here you can be up to your butt in snow and be dazzled by the glare. :)

I’m writing, of course, and organizing my new art room down at the end of the hall. It’s off to Wal-mart for storage drawers, a trash bin, the usual stuff. Collage is messy work, and right now, that room literally looks as

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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”