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Another Horse????

Yep. I’ve got my eye on a little paint, located for me by my excellent brother, Jerry, who knows his horses. I don’t even know the critter’s name yet, but one look at his picture and I said to myself, “He’s the one for me.” Four of my horses, Buck, Banjo, Skye and Coco, are too green for me to ride. April is a cowgirl’s dream. Now, when I go riding, somebody will be able to ride with me–twice the fun.

The new doors I ordered MONTHS ago arrived this morning, and wouldn’t you know, when the crates came off–wrong

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I THINK I’m Awake!

I’m a sleepyhead today–woke up late.

Almost done with the current writing project, and boy am I loving the story. This is my book, “A McKettrick Christmas”, and next year at this time, you’ll be reading it. (I hope.) The story features a grown-up Lizzie, Holt’s daughter. I’m often asked if I’ll be telling Katie’s story–she’s the late-in-life baby born to Angus and Concepcion. The answer is, yes. The next Christmas book will be Katie’s.

Next on the writing docket is “A Stone Creek Christmas”, the story of Olivia O’Ballivan, a descendent of Sam and Maddie and sister to Brad,

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.