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A Day in the Life

The morning started out as usual–dogs out, dogs in, dogs out again, dogs in again—you get the picture. After that, coffee and some quiet time with my journal. What was different about this morning was doing a radio interview by phone. I almost spaced it out–received a reminder email at 9:18 am, and the call was scheduled for 9:30. Phew!

Then a woman came to measure for new vinyl flooring in two of the bathrooms.

Work? Who, me?

I might just go over to the casino instead.

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Cuddle Weather

It’s cold, and we’re getting a lot of rain in Spokane. Sadie and Bernice, the two-dog pack, are sharing a fluffy dog bed downstairs by the fire, where Mary Ann (cousin and housekeeper) and her husband are living while they wait for the staff house to be built.

Sadie, Bear and I have a routine. When we wake up, Sadie immediately shakes her head, flapping her beagle ears, and that’s the signal. “Get up, Mom. We’re burning daylight!” So the three of us head down the hall, the cats trailing. Sadie and I get into the elevator–Bernice won’t set foot

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.