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Free the Cone-heads!

As I write this, Sadie is sitting beside my chair, looking up at me from the center of the plastic cone she’s been wearing for the last two weeks. Today is stitch-removal day! In a few minutes, we’ll be headed down the hill to the vet’s office. We’re both looking forward to the restoration of regular beagle-dog status!

I continue to recover from my dental surgery, and the bug that attacked immediately afterward. I spent all of yesterday snoozing, with Bernice and Sadie tucked in on both sides, as they always do if I’m sick. Of course it’s instinctive behavior–a

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The Glamorous Life of the Writer

Oh, the glamor of it all! Yesterday, I had dental surgery. I’m on pain pills, and have this gob of stuff stuck to my lower gums.

There is dog hair all over every garment I own.

Sadie gets her stitches out tomorrow–no more cone-head beagle! In the meantime, she uses the cone to bash into the backs of my legs to get my attention. :)

I’m writing this blog in my pajamas, with my hair sticking out in every direction.

The glamor just never stops.


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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.