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Today’s the Day…

I think! I think I’m going to be finished with “The Rustler” today, but there are so many strings to tie up, I can’t be sure. Might need another chapter, or an epilogue. We shall see.

What a deeply moving experience it was to write yesterday’s chapter. It was the darkest-hour-is-just-before-dawn chapter. When it was finished, I felt wrung out, and I went downstairs, sat at the table in cousin Mary Ann’s apartment, and cried. I have really come to love these people–Sarah and Wyatt, little Owen, Doc, a prostitute named Kitty. I will be working with them through the

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Plans! I’ve got Plans!

I’m almost finished with “The Rustler”, and I LOVE this book. I can hardly wait to share it with you. It was a strong emotional experience, writing it, and I hope you will have an equally gratifying time when you read it.

Added to the plans for the Civil War Tours I’ve told you about, I’ve decided to attend a polymer clay conference in Baltimore in February, called Synergy (?), and I’m hoping my two sisters, Sally and Pam, will go with me. (Read your email, girls.) WOW. I am so excited about this–I’m a complete newbie with polymer clay

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.