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Wintry Thoughts

I’ll be late getting to Stone Creek today, because I have to go to the doctor–something minor. Not to worry.

Mercy, it’s been hot lately. I’m starting to look forward to fall, and the cooler weather. Memories of last winter’s snow draping the draw are becoming more persistent. This winter, I plan to spend more time at the lake. I didn’t see the phenom last year, but the lake freezes over, I’m told, and the jet-skiiers and fishermen are replaced by skaters. Snow collects in drifts on the ice, and then the wind comes along and sends the powdery stuff

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My Assignation

I have an assignation in Stone Creek, circa 1907, later this morning. Things are heating up between Sarah and Wyatt, for sure. And some heavy duty bad-guys are coming on the scene, too. Here’s Wyatt, filling in as marshal for Rowdy, who is away on business, along with Sam O’Ballivan. What does Wyatt Yarbro know about being a lawman??? He’s an outlaw, for pity’s sake. But now there’s Sarah, and a battered old dog he calls Pitiful, badly in need of a friend.

As for Sarah, well, she’d rather Wyatt Yarbro had never come to town at all. He makes

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.