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Dateline: Dallas

The fun continues here at the big Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas.

Last night was our big Literacy Signing–every year, publishers donate piles of books, and the published authors at RWA attend the autographing to end all autographings. The proceeds go to the literacy programs in the city hosting the conference, and of course the event is open to the public, though we buy tons of books from each other. :) I’m pleased and proud to say I sold all my books–“A Wanted Man”.

Today, I have an interview scheduled for an internet program on Romance TV. I’ll let

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I Did It!

I’m actually blogging from my excellent if messy hotel room in beautiful downtown Dallas!

Yea! Perhaps there is hope for me in this technological world after all.

The flight was problem free, partly because I was in first class between Seattle and Dallas, and a driver met me at baggage claim. I actually have two hotel rooms–one at the conference and one at another place, nearby. The explanation is long and involved, so I’ll spare you, but I’m mainly using the room at the Hyatt as a retreat. It is FILLED with beautiful flowers, congratulating me on winning the Lifetime

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.