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Watchin’ the Road

Today’s the day.
The horses are supposed to come home, after nearly two long years at boarding school.
I hope they remember me.
Off to watch the road….

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My Celebration

Bernice, Sadie and I celebrated the 4th with a dip in my heavenly swimming pool. Ok, Sadie and I went in–twice. The groomer had just been here, and Bernicie didn’t want to spoil her do, so she lay in the shade of a patio chair and watched.

Later in the evening, a fireworks show erupted over the lake. Spectacular! A gift. Bernice, being only nine inches tall, was terrified, and tried to climb on top of my head as we sat on the couch to watch. After a little while, she realized there was no Yorkie sacrifice on the schedule,

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.