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My Surprise

I came home from the casino yesterday–don’t ask how it went, I’m traumatized–and I got a fabulous surprise. During my absence, my brother Jerry had delivered my new mare, April. She was safely ensconced in her stall, munching hay.

What a beauty she is. A registered Arabian, no less. (I had no idea she was pedigreed–I just wanted a gentle horse to ride.) I’m thinking of changing her name–right now, “Cherokee” is out there in the lead. If I remember correctly, that was what Little Joe Cartwright’s horse was called. And hey, what’s good enough for Little Joe, my first

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They’re Home!!!!!!

Buck, Skye, Banjo and Coco are HOME, at long, long last. They’ve loving their big new pasture, running and rolling–no interest at all in the fancy barn. (Yet.) Or in me, actually. But, hey. They’re busy being horses.

Life as it should be. What a joy it is to see them, heads and tails high, coats gleaming in the bright July sunshine.

This here is one grateful cowgirl.

Now, where did I put those barn boots of mine?

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.