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Walkin’ the Dogs

Sadie, Bernice and I have instituted a walking program. The dogs love it! I had to overcome a lot of fear–one of my friends lost a dog in an unexpected attack–but I finally decided my fear was costing them too much. So I bought a can of spray repellent–the humane kind that does no lasting damage–bit the bullet, and hooked up the leashes. There are lots of perks–this morning I met one of my neighbors, B.J. And of course the area around the lake is a beautiful place to walk–the lilacs are starting to come on. Heaven must smell like

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

That is one of the most common questions I get, along with, “Will there be more vampire books?” (Probably not) and “When are you going to write the third book in the My Lady series?” (Probably never. They didn’t sell and publishing is, after all, a business.)

Where do I get my ideas? Well, a lot of them seem to come out of the ether, but I think it’s really a subconscious process. I read a LOT, mostly history, biographies and memoires, and all those words and images get into my deeper mind, and some kind of synthesis thing happens

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.