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20 Things I Love About My Mother

1. Her quick wit and sense of humor
2. When I was little, and scared or sick at night, she always knew somehow, and came to help me.
3. She taught me to love books.
4. She makes the best date bars and chocolate chip cookies in the world–hands down.
5. She made me go to Sunday school.
6. She sewed Halloween costumes
7. She made Christmas magical
8. I can giggle with her.
9. She’s game to try new things
10. She thinks I’m brilliant.
11. Her dazzling smile.
12. The sound of her voice
13. The way she

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This Morning’s Walk

Sadie and Bernice and I are starting to love this walking thing. (Well, the girls always loved it. It was Mom who had some issues.)

Today we had a little test from the Universe, and we passed with flying colors. Some runners were out, with several large dogs, one of which was not on a leash. I drew Sadie and Bernice in and crouched down beside them, to let them know I’d keep them safe. Some sniffing was done, and then the runners and their dogs went on, and Sadie and I finished our walk. (For those of you who

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.