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Lazy Lake Days

Another late blog! I blame the lake–it’s just too beautiful and too soothing. Lovely to sleep with the windows open to a lovely night breeze. (Sadie snores so loudly that the mattress vibrates!) They’re out here with me, in the studio office.

Yesterday afternoon, things went well with the frog prince, but then I made the mistake of moving to another slot machine. Enough said on that.

Off to write, walk the dogs, and dive into a new biography, titled “Grant”. (I warned you–you’ll be getting TMI about the Civil War.)

What are twenty things that are great about Tuesdays?

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I’m Late!

Well, truth to tell, I had such a great Mother’s Day weekend, I was slow getting out here to the studio office to write this blog. My apologies. I slept late, exhausted from all the fun with my mom, Hazel, and then went over the manuscript of “The McKettrick Way” to make last minute changes.

Mom and I celebrated by shopping on Saturday, and yesterday we lounged, topping the day off with a family dinner. My beautiful, talented daughter, Wendy, called, of course, and she had great news–in addition to the cheesecake, steak and lobster she sent for Gramma and

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From the end of the Civil War until 1890, some 10 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas.