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Hallmark Moments

I’m a sucker for those Hallmark commercials on TV, especially the ones they show around the holidays–the little boy doing show and tell with various ornaments to mark stages in his life–the man with the lantern, hiking through the snow to stand on a hilltop and read the card from his daughter, who had always shared the ritual with him, but was away from home for the first time. The grouchy old uncle in the nursing home, the professor packing his books to retire, and probably wondering if he’d ever touched one of his students lives…

I know you’ve seen

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How I Spent My Sunday

I spent all of yesterday vegging in my bathrobe, with the fire going and the cats and dogs nearby, and it was heaven. I read “The Lady in the Palazzo” and relived my own happy times in Italy. I savored the delectable Italian cousine without gaining an ounce, attended village festivals without having to leave my pets, and felt again that lovely, watercolor light peculiar to the “boot” country. All without leaving Spokane!

Although we are under a blanket of snow, our barn builder is undaunted. We’ve settled on the plans, and the permit process has already begun, soon to

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.