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There’s a skiff on the ground, and the sky is burdened and gray.

Let the flakes fall!

Why do I love snow so much? Well, admittedly, loving snow is something of a luxury, because I don’t have to commute.

To me, snow is sacred. It mantles the ground, like a benediction of purity. It is magical. As a child, I knew, even before I opened my eyes in the morning, if it had snowed. There was a special stillness in the air, full of festive promise.

There is much to be sad about, in the world today. But the planet

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None and I

Computers. They can be funny.
Recently, thinking of joining a discount club, I filled out an online form, asking for pertinent information. I entered the usual name, address, phone number, along with my great-grandmother’s lingerie size. (Just kidding, but sometimes it seems that specific!)
I soon came to the line for spouse’s name.
Dutifully, I wrote “None”.
A few minutes later, I received a very nice email in response, inviting None and I to come into the store and take a look around.
It quickly became a running joke here on the Triple L, as such things generally do.

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.