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Weather Report

It’s crisp and cool this morning, with a bright sun shining its blessings down on all of us.

This past Saturday, I attended the Lael Family Reunion in Colville, Washington (for those of you who don’t live around these here parts, it’s pronounced CALLville, not Coalville.) There was the usual laughter–the Laels are a witty bunch, inclined to laugh even through their tears. My cousin Dave, the MC, told his jokes. (Some of them, Dave, were even funny.) The senior Lael sibs all read a poem or sang a song–it’s still strange that Uncle Wes isn’t there, with his

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Major P.S.

How could I have forgotten????
There is a Christmas anthology out now, called “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, and my story, “The Christmas of the Red Chiefs”, is the headliner. If you’re in a “snowy” mood, as I am, and starting to think of the festive season just ahead, you will love these stories.

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.