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Crisp, Cool and Sunny

That’s how it is this morning, in Spokane, Washington. There’s a chill in the bright air, though, as if we might get snow. I would love that, even though it’s pretty early in the year for the white stuff. I remember one Halloween in my childhood when we had three feet of snow. It was beautiful, but I was bummed, because it meant I’d have to cover up my costume with a hooded coat.

I’m closing on my lake house tomorrow, and on Monday afternoon, the key will be in my hand. I am told that the lake sometimes freezes

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Ordinary Days/Magical Days

I’m grateful for Ordinary Days–Tuesdays, like this one, with no appointments and no planes to catch. For me, it’s thanksgiving. I can write. My dogs are nearby, and my cats. (The horses, alas, are still up the road at boarding school, but I’ll have the barn up by spring.) There are wild turkeys beyond the fence, pecking at the ground and singing their gobble-gobble song. And my beloved pines stand sentinel in the draw, awaiting their lacing of snow.

Speaking of Thanksgiving–Canadians celebrated it yesterday. I think they’re smart to have it then–ours is too close to Christmas. I’m nostalgic

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Back in earlier days, a cattle drive would average 10-12 miles a day.