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Up to My Eyeballs in McKettricks!

I’m sorry I missed blogging yesterday. Those McKettricks are REALLY keeping me busy! Things are heating up big-time in modern-day Indian Rock, where this trilogy is set.

In the midst of all this, a dear uncle is wrapping up the last days of a truly good life. We will miss him, one of our pair of Jacks, but we also know he will love the New Place. I think he’ll be back on the ranch, as he remembers it, with Gramma cooking one of her savory suppers at the old wood-burning cook stove, and Grampa ready to spin one of

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Look out! The McKettricks are coming!

I got a good day’s work in yesterday. My gosh, it’s a powerful story, (McKettrick’s Heart) full of intense emotion and misguided passions. These McKettricks! Yeesh, I need to double up on my vitamins!

Now, it’s back to the story, and I’m running a little late, because I slept in, exhausted from a mega-dose of McKettrickism.

I love their passion, though. I love their rock-solid committment to what they believe is right. I love the way they fight among themselves, but God help the outsider who tries to hurt one of them.

Writing this series, as I’ve said before, is

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.