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My Dad is 80 Today!

I’m just back from my Texas tour, and this big house is bursting at the seams with beloved company. Today, we’re all off to Grand Coulee, 80 miles from here, where my dad will be celebrating his 80th birthday. Interestingly, it’s my birthday, too. My brother and mother also share a birthday.

Sadie has her bandage off, and doesn’t have to wear a plastic boot when she goes outside, but she has to wear the cone just a little longer, so she won’t chew on her poor little paw. She bears it in good grace, as she does just about

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Headed for Texas!

On my way to Texas tomorrow, and so looking forward to it!

“McKettrick’s Pride”, Rance and Echo’s book, is finished.

Practically the moment I get home, I’ll be starting the final story in the trilogy: “McKettrick’s Heart.” I can barely wait.

Sadie’s on the mend, and Mary Ann, Jenni and Larry will be taking excellent care of her while I’m gone. In fact, by the time I get home, she might not be a conehead anymore!

I’ll have stories to tell when I get back, as usual.

For those of you awaiting an answer to a personal email, I’ve been

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The stitching across the toe of a cowboy boot is called a toe wrinkle.