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Bunny the Divine

This is a tribute to a friend of a friend–Bunny, the Divine Dog, who ‘belonged’ to my good friend, Sandi. (She would tell you, I’m sure, that the reality of the situation was quite the reverse: she belonged to Bunny.) A black Lab, he died last Friday, at the age of 15 and a half, after living a life of the kind of devotion and faithfulness only a dog can manage with any real grace.

My friend is grieving deeply–right now, she isn’t taking phone calls. But even in her sorrow, she is actually celebrating Bunny’s life, as much

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Leaving a Day Early!

I’m off to Washington D.C. tomorrow morning, bright and early, so this will be my last blog before next Tuesday morning.

I am very excited to be making this trip. As I said yesterday, it’s one of the perks of being a writer. A break in the long chain of mostly ordinary days, spent sitting at this very computer. Make no mistake–I love what I do. But it’s nice to get away once in a while, and it’s doubly nice to be appreciated. Writing is, for the most part, a lonely activity.

In the Other Washington, I’ll be meeting with

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Texas was the most active gunfighting state, with some 160 shoot-outs from the 1850’s through the 1890’s.