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10 Reasons Why I Love the McKettricks!

1) They aren’t afraid to make mistakes.
2) They live at full throttle.
3) They are people of integrity.
4) They are brave.
5) They don’t know the meaning of the word “quit”!
6) They make me laugh.
7) They make me cry.
8) They’ll fight like cats and dogs among themselves, but let trouble come, and it’s all for one and one for all, and settle up accounts later.
9) They’re a family, in the truest sense of the word.
10) They’re proud, they’re lucky, and they have heart, with a capitol H.

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Broken Toys

Do you ever feel like a broken toy, once grand, but now lying dusty and forgotten in the corner of a Cosmic Toybox? Is your paint scratched, and even rubbed off in places? Have your batteries run down? Do you feel as though, when you DID get out of the box, your key was wound too tightly and all you could do was run into walls until you’d dented yourself beyond repair?

Good news. Somebody wants to fix you. Somebody wants to polish you up and put you back in the game.

All you have to do is ASK.


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Around 1541, the present state of Texas was called Tejas, a Spanish version of the Caddo word meaning “allies.”