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“McKettrick’s Choice”, paperback version, is #19 on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists!! This cowgirl is riding in circles and waving her hat in the air, yelling, “Yipee!”

It is a beautiful day here. We had snow last night, and today the sun is out, in typical Spokane fashion, glittering on all that beautiful white.

I got an email from Mark McElroy, author of one of my favorite books, “What’s In the Cards for You?”, and creator of the Bright Idea deck. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for many things, including plotting books. If you’re

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Do You Ever Think…

That rather than not trying hard enough, you might be trying too hard?

It came to me today, while I was journaling, that I need to lighten up. Stop making a federal case out of everything. Maybe stop being so darned introspective all the time, and try some extrospection? Is that a word, or did I just invent one?

Writers live in their heads a lot.

I think I’ll go outside my busy, busy brain and see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Today, I will offer just one prayer.

Make me more grateful.

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Though the term “stick ’em up” is widely used in Western films, it wasn’t actually coined until the 1930’s.