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More Good News!

The good news just keeps on coming!

First, the decision to keep Springwater Station.

Then, word came that my book, “The Last Chance Cafe”, is to be made into a Lifetime movie, starring Kevin Sorbo!

And now “McKettrick’s Choice” has hit #15 on the New York Times list.

As soon as I get over this darn flu, I mean to celebrate!

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Hang That Springwater Station Sign Back Over the Gate!

I’m keeping Springwater Station, my Arizona place, at least for the foreseeable future–and unless I get an offer I simply can’t refuse!

I love Washington. It’s home. Every day, I drink in the sight of my pine trees like ambrosia. But part of my heart remains in Arizona. I have so many good friends there.

So the ‘for sale’ sign comes down.

The Springwater Station sign, handmade by my dear daddy, goes back up over the courtyard gate.

And that’s the news from Linda-land.

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A “ten gallon hat” can’t hold ten gallons of anything.