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The Best Laid Plans

I didn’t make it to the Four Seasons concert. Oh, I was there at the casino, playing a slot machine, with my ticket tucked safely in my purse. Then the call came from home–Sadie-beagle was all swollen up, and covered with hives. I rushed home, and niece-assistant Jen and I took Sades to the pet emergency clinic.

A couple of shots, a prescription, and a cheeseburger on the way home, and she was on the mend! (Given her doggie druthers, I’m sure Sadie would have opted for more cheeseburgers and fewer shots.) The diagnosis was an allergic reaction–to what we

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The Four Seasons

Tonight, I get to hear one of my all time favorite bands, in person. The Four Seasons!


Make it a good weekend.

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The Pony Express was in operation for only nineteen months from April 1860 through October 1861.