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Do I Hear Hoof-beats?

I do!
It’s Holt and his bunch, riding this way in the paperback version of “McKettrick’s Choice”. If you’ve been waiting to find out what those McKettrick boys are up to, here’s your chance. The book will be in stores on February 28, as I understand it.
Still chaos around here, but it’s the happy kind.
To my personal friends: If you’ve been waiting for a response to your email or the return of a phone call, please be patient. I am SWAMPED, and writing a brand new book in the midst of major changes.

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Thanks for Hanging In There

With every passing day, I’m more at home in my wonderful new house.
If you could see the view! A draw full of pine trees, sometimes glittering in the sun, sometimes laced with snow. It’s a feast for the eyes.
My dogs and cats are here, and settling in nicely. After that long road trip, in the trusted care of their “nannies”, I think they thought this was just another hotel along the way. There was one added bonus, though–Mom is here.
This house is a fabulous place to write. I was very tired at first, but now I’m rallying,

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The term “keep your ear to the ground” comes from literally putting an ear to the ground to listen for hoof beats.