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Back to Work

Althea and Ti Amo have gone home to Santa Fe, and how I miss them. However, it makes me happy to think of them settling in and getting a great start on 2006. And it’s time I got back to work! Today, I plan to read through the pages I have of “Sierra’s Homecoming”, and make notes for the final 100 pages. I’m also making concrete plans for the next projects–three modern McKettrick books. “McKettrick’s Luck” will be Jesse’s story. “McKettrick’s Pride”, Rance’s story. And “McKettrick’s Heart”, Keegan’s story. The initials are a clue–Jesse is descended from Jeb, Rance from

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Althea and Ti Amo will be going home to Santa Fe. I will miss them so much!

Yesterday was Althea’s birthday, and we celebrated by having massages at the famed Fairmont Princess, in their spa. What elegance! What wonderful relaxation. Afterward, we went to the White Chocolate Grill (which lives up to its name), and enjoyed a late lunch. The conversation was even better, because we have so many things in common, and just enough differences to make things really interesting! Althea is truly remarkable. She survived a devastating divorce, and built a business. She literally has friends all over

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“Keep your ear to the ground” referred to the practice of plainsmen listening to the ground to hear hoof beats. It became the westerner’s warning to stay alert.