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6 Days and Counting

“One Last Look” is on its way to you, in trucks and airplanes, right this very minute!

It is a romantic suspense, so there is a lot of both those things. Murder and mayhem, and some really hot love scenes.

What do I love most about Tony and Clare?

Their can-do, keep-going spirit. Their love for each other. Their humor. Their intelligence.

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Take some time out, after all your holiday doing and giving, and give yourself a gift. “One

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One Week From Today…

Tony and Clare will arrive!

What makes them special? I’ve thought about that a lot. They are people who “stand up on the inside”. In the face of adversity, they still dream. They still persist. In moments of joy, they celebrate. Even though they are fictional characters, they are fully alive. In fact, if I met either of them on the street, I’d know them. (Just as I would any McKettrick, but to be fair, most of them would be easy to spot, because of the western dress and the six guns!)

What does it mean to ‘stand up on

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In the old times sometimes cowboys referred to beans as “Deceitful Beans” because they talked behind your back.